Research & Market Intelligence

It is vital that any Search process is based on market intelligence that adds value to the brief. We have built a dynamic research and reporting practice within the team which is a core part of our service offering.

The benefit of our research methodology is the ability to surface key insights based on an exhaustive and lateral approach. We are able to tailor extensive market mapping exercises to the unique requirements of our clients.

This enables us to build a meaningful and long-term view as part of our client propositions. We then refine this research based on insights gained from across our network. We are able to provide a complete view of the competitive landscape, client and role perception, remuneration and mobility trends.

We provide as full a picture as possible of skills and capabilities and always seek to deliver a diverse range of candidates. As part of our close working relationship with our clients we often provide feedback and challenge to ensure fair representation of individuals within the Search process.

We can also deliver valuable insights on salary benchmarking and package alignment to the market. We have produced reports based both on a specific brief as well as on an ongoing basis to provide clients with a regular and current view of the market.